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     There are dozens of reasons why your key may not turn the lock when you try to enter your home or business. Among them are:
bulletMisaligned doors
bulletbuilding settling.
bulletSwelling or shrinking of the doors form heat and cold.
bullet Sunlight
bulletMiscut keys
bulletImproperly pinned lock cylinders.
bullet Worn cylinders
bullet Sagging door hinges
bullet Poor quality lock hardware.
bulletAll are among the factors that might cause the key to turn "hard" and the lock to "drag".

    None of the above listed causes can be corrected by lubrication. Yet, if you are like most people, and you encounter a situation where you have to force the key to turn, or "shake, rattle and kick the door", to get the lock to release, the first thing you will do when you get the door open is find some kind of lubricant to "oil" the lock. We've know of folks using cooking oil, Pam, Crisco, motor oil, graphite, WD-40 and - in one instance - Lock-Tite!

    Unfortunately the remedies are temporary at best and often cause more problems then they solve. Especially since the majority of lock problems are due to causes other then lubrication.

If you have a "sticky" lock problem, call us - it doesn't cost you anything.


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