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Master Keying
This is a brief description of ... Master Keying

Key Benefits

bulletOwner has 1 key that fits all.
bulletHave individual keys for other doors.
bulletCarry less keys on your ring.


    A master key is a key which operates two or more locks which each have different key combinations. Many people think that they have a master key because they have one key which opens two or three or ten or more locks when they are really just keyed alike.

    A good example of master keying in a residential application would be that the homeowner has a key which will operate all of the locks and there is another key which only allows access to the garage. This garage key could be given to a gardener to allow access to garden tools and supplies without allowing access to the rest of the house.
    can supply custom master key systems for your church, home, business or a system which encompasses both if you wanted. The only requirement for locks to be master keyed is that they all be the same brand and have the same shape for the keyhole.

    If one single key can be inserted into the keyhole of all of your locks, they can be master keyed. If one key can't be inserted into all of your locks, it is often possible to replace the cylinders of the locks to make them compatible, or replace the one or two different locks.

    Another option is to upgrade to a high security lock system and gain key control features as well as operational efficiency.
    Master keying requires some scientific protocols be followed in developing the combinations used in the system and it is likely that none of your existing keys can be incorporated into a system without creating interchange within it.

    Interchange is when one of the keys in the system will operate a lock it isn't supposed to operate. is familiar with the protocols required for a scientifically designed system and can meet your needs for residential, institutional or commercial master key systems. We warrant all key systems we supply against interchange.

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