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Life/Safety Codes

When it comes to the doors, fire exits and the type of hardware on the doors of your business; NFPA 101 is the basic guideline various jurisdictions base their Life Safety Codes on.

The underlying premise is:

  1. Any exit door MUST be operable by anyone in the building in "One Motion".

  2. That is, the locking device must be operable ("... with no special knowledge ... even in the dark") by anyone leaving the premises. Which precludes multiple locking devices, double cylinder deadbolts, chains, hasps, padlocks and drop bars (unless specifically exempted by the local fire marshal).

  3. Life Safety Codes stipulate the "path of travel  " to a fire exit, must be free of all obstructions.

  4. The door and any exit hardware on it, must be in "good working order".

Otherwise, you could be in violation of local Life Safety Codes and subject harsh monetary penalties or even close down your business.

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