On-Site Service in Crawford, Roscommon, Kalkaska, Mio & Surrounding Areas

For Service by Experienced Professionals
Local 231-735-7008
Toll Free 855-284-5650
52 Year Master Locksmith
Special Discounts for Churches, Seniors, Veterans and Non-Profits
Electronic mail: graylinglockSafe@gmail.com

Experienced Personnel

PM Magazine Video

Houdini Lives Again
Viano l Jerry l Mona l Mark

Viano & Jerry

Anytime your before the hand drops off!!

The Handcuff Escape

Jerry, Viano & Mona

Viano Escapes from a 10' high Guillotine

Handcuff Escape
 Viano & Jerry

The Straight Jacket Escape

Viano inside Houdini's Own & Most Dangerous Invention
The Chinese Water Torture Cell

Viano in Houdini Lives Again


The Chinese Water Torture

The Guillotine Escape

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