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Health Codes

    If your business is not a food service business, you might not be concerned about the relationship between the local health inspector, you and your door hardware. However. . .
If your company has an employee cafeteria, snack bar or restaurant, you'll come under the same scrutiny from the health inspector that a restaurant, food store, delicatessen or meat market would.

    Food preparation or food service area doors are required to have door closers and positive latching mechanisms on them. Rest room doors are required to have closers and ADA code approved  Commercial lever sets or push/pull hardware.

    And, the health inspector may even examine your main (customer) entrances to make sure that the doors close within a designated time (generally five to seven seconds).

    Like the fire marshal and building inspector, the health inspector has a code mandated interest in the doors and door hardware of your business.

Our interest is your security and helping you stay in compliance.

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