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The American With Disabilities Act mandates virtually every facet of your business' operations. Types of door hardware, the width of aisle ways between tables and counters - to keeping personnel health and job performance files separate is covered by the ADA.

    The Americans With Disabilities Act requires all businesses to install or retrofit lever sets instead of doorknobs on entry and other doors where applicable. Push/Pull handles must be "U" shaped. Door opening pressures, Back Check, Closing, Latching Speed and the height of door hardware from the floor are specifically mandated by the Act. The ADA even requires door operators under definitive circumstances.

    ADA requirements and penalties are far more stringent than Life Safety Codes, Building Codes and Health Code regulations ever were.

    According to the penalty schedule of the ADA the first fine could be as much as $50,000.00 In light of that kind of "penalty", doesn't it make good sense to let us help you find a viable solution?

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