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About Us

Since the passing in 2001 & 2003 of some of the original 5 brothers, ABC has divided into smaller modules. Owned & Operated by Family Members with their own Entity and continue to work as a team.

Started in Royal Oak Michigan by Jerry and we have continued to be on the leading edge of Technology & Innovation.

The following is some of our history.


In 2001 was started by the oldest brother's son.


In 2015 was also started by the original oldest brother in Grayling

ABC Locksmith & Security Systems® Originaliy Founded Over 50 years ago in Royal Oak Michigan by the Oldest  of 5 Brothers and is still Family Owned & Operated

    We have Installed locking & Special Systems on many cruise ships including Royal Caribbean Sovereign of the Seas, Disney's Big Red Boat, the Norwegian Cruise Line ships like the M.S. Skyward and many properties such as the P.G.A. in Bocca Raton Florida, Hotels, Casino's, in the US, Canada, Caribbean, Bahamas & Mexico etc.

    We Invented the Fire-Safe Emergency Key Access System® - Emergency access into buildings for Fire Department Emergencies.

Jerry has given seminars to many groups such as:

bulletNational Crime Prevention Institute in Louisville
bulletThe National Fire Protection Association
bulletThe International Fire Chiefs Association
bulletMichigan Fire Chief's Assoc.
bulletPOLA Pennsylvania/Ohio Locksmiths Assoc.
bulletALOA - Associated Locksmiths of America,
bulletMMLA - Michigan Locksmiths Association,
bulletLSA - Locksmith Security Association and many many more.
bulletHe has been consulted by various U.S. Customs & Immigration, State & Local Police, Sheriff & Fire departments etc.
bulletJerry starred with Viano and toured Internationally 18-1/2 years onstage in the Houdini Lives Again Show, on National Television, Radio talk shows and in Newspapers.
bulletViano was the first and only Escape Artist to ever duplicate Harry Houdini's challenging and most dangerous escapes. - Dangerous by Houdini's own admission such as:
bulletThe Chinese Water Torture Cell
bulletHandcuffed and locked in a steel box and lowered to the bottom of the Detroit River
bulletEscapes from various ropes, chains, handcuffs and Challenges.
bulletStraight Jacket escapes hanging from a burning rope held up by a crane 180' in the air
bullet10' Tall Guillotine with Viano's head locked in stocks, hands handcuffed behind his back, with flames burning thru the saturated Rope holding the blade up. - Escape has to be effected before the Flaming blade falls 10' and Severs anything in the locked stocks.

Corporate Office 1st Floor Reception Area

Our First Canadian Truck


Holiday's in the Original 11 Mile Rd. Shop

Jerry in Front of Deerfield Beach Florida Office

May 17 1977 Kiosk @ Cambridge Mall

Southfield Mi. Crime Prevention Conference

Security Show Kiosk

 Sy, Joe, Jim, Rob & Derek

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